More beat bobbies despite budget cut

Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping
Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping

Nottinghamshire Police Force is recruiting more beat bobbies despite having its funding cut this year - by asking residents to contribute more through council tax.

The force presented budget proposals this week for an increase in council tax of up to 1.96 per cent, in the face of Government cuts.

Proposals take account of a 4.8 per cent reduction of the force’s Government policing grant and the need to claw back a further £12.7m over the next 12 months.

The policing portion of the council tax bill for a Band D household will rise from £169.65 to £172.98, an increase of £3.33.

Unveiling his budget proposals which will be presented for approval on February 3, Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping pledged to increase police officer and PCSO strength and raise uniform visibility across the county. The force has recruited extra 90 officers this year.

The 2014-15 budget allows for a total of 2,142 officers by April 2015 – an increase of 120 since 2012-13 – and 375 PCSOs, an increase of 75 since 2012-13.

He said: “These are tough and challenging times but I’m delighted that the work the Chief Constable and I have completed means we’re one of the few forces in the country to increase our uniformed presence on the streets.

Local people want to see ‘bobbies’ on the beat and that is exactly what we are providing.”

He said people must accept that relentless funding cuts will inevitably force changes on the force.

Some front counters open to the public will be closed including Mansfield Woodhouse Station.