Metal theft crackdown

WELLOW House School has backed a police campaign to crack down on metal theft after its minibus was targeted.

The 17-seater Ford Transit vehicle was parked in the school grounds, on Newark Road, when thieves stole its catalytic converter.

School secretary Lorna Baisley said: “It was a real nightmare. We are reliant on the minibus for the morning school run and away sports fixtures.

“The theft certainly had a big impact on the way we run things for a few days.”

Nottinghamshire Police invited a number of motorists to have their vehicle’s catalytic converters marked and registered free-of-charge in Newark on Friday and Saturday.

Marking kits etch a code on property, creating its own unique fingerprint. Owner and vehicle details are then recorded on a secure, confidential database meaning stolen property can be traced to its rightful owner.

Research shows etching makes property 55 per cent less likely to be stolen than if unmarked, and 50 per cent more likely to be recovered if stolen.