Mansfield woman appeals for help to get her ‘lifesaver’ dog back

.Carrigan Evans  looks for her stolen dog on Bull Farm Est
.Carrigan Evans looks for her stolen dog on Bull Farm Est

A Mansfield woman with epilepsy is desperate to get her specially trained ‘lifesaver’ pet dog back after he disappeared from her home.

One-year-old Zooze, a brown and black Staffordshire bull terrier, is trained to alert owner Carrigan Evans’ family if she has an epileptic seizure.

The dog ran off when a family member opened a door in the disabled pet owner’s Bull Farm estate home to go out last Thursday.

Carrigan’s mother immediately left the house on Bright Square between 1-1.30pm to find the dog and was told by two elderly women they saw him being put in a people carrier vehicle by two people near the shops.

Carrigan said this week: “He is not just a dog, he is a lifeline.

“There have been a couple of times when I have had bad seizures and if he had not been there to alert my family they would not have known.

“I am so angry at the moment because I just need him back.”

Carrigan (35) said Zooze is quite small for his breed.

He has white patches around his neck and chest and a small scar on his nose.

The dog also wears a tag with his name and his owner’s phone number.

“He is very playful and thinks everyone wants to play with him,” said Carrigan.

“I have notified the police, animal shelters, vets, the RSPCA and even been on the radio.

“I just hope nobody has hurt him. Zooze was trained to be a family dog - I know people take them for fighting and breeding.”

Carrigan is offering a £150 to £200 reward for her dog’s safe return.

If anyone can help Carrigan, contact her on Mansfield 621255 or email