Mansfield teen facing years behind bars for having stun gun disguised as a phone

Nottingham Crown COurt.
Nottingham Crown COurt.

A teenager was shaking and close to tears after being told by a judge he could face years behind bars after being caught with a stun gun.

Ben Lowe, of Union Street, Mansfield, appeared at Nottingham Crown Court for a short hearing where he admitted a charge of having the weapon in his possession.

But Judge Gregory Dickinson QC warned him that with because the charge falls within a possession of firearms category, could be facing at least five years behind bars.

The 19-year-old looked shocked by what he was being told.

Judge Dickinson said: “Parliament has decided that a normal sentence for this case is a minimum five years.

“It will be for the judge (who sits during his sentencing) to decide whether that will be an appropriate sentence or if there are exceptional circumstances to justify a reduction.

“It’s inevitable it will be a custodial sentence.”

Lowe was arrested following an incident on June 27 in which he was found to have the stun gun which was disguised as another object, namely a mobile phone.

Addressing the judge, the defendants solicitor, Chris Lacey told the judge: “He realised what he was purchasing but he did not know it could attract a five-year prison sentence. It did not give out much of a shock.

“It was for entertainment purposes, and there does not seem to be anything more to it than that.”

The court was told that Lowe lived with his grandmother and was bailed to that address.

He is expected to be sentenced on November 9.