Mansfield pensioner headbutted a man in a night club he claimed called him a paedophile


A Mansfield pensioner headbutted a man in a night club who he claimed had called him a paedophile.

But Bernard Allen, 62 came out worst when the man responded by punching him several times and knocking a tooth out following the attack at Illusions nightclub.

Allen, of Saundby Avenue appeared at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, where he pleaded guilty to using threatening behaviour on December 12.

Magistrates heard CCTV footage showed a man following the defendant across the room in the club and remonstrating with him.

Allen was then seen putting his drink down and headbutting the man.

The man then punched Allen in the head several times before they were both ejected from the club.

Allen told police he had tried to walk away from the 48-year-old man, who he said had called him a paedophile and followed him around the club.

He said he had felt threatened and scared and had ‘no choice’ but to get the first blow in.

The court heard Allen suffered significant injuries during the altercation after the man punched his front tooth out and gave him a black eye.

Allen who lived alone and had depression, had been out on his son’s birthday celebration and had drunk more than he usually did.

The court heard his behaviour had been completely out of character.

He was put on an electronically monitored curfew order from 7pm-7am on Friday Saturday and Sundays for eight weeks.

The court heard his opponent at the night club had also been cautioned by the Police following the incident.