Mansfield nightclub attack woman admits on Facebook: “OMG I dropped a girl with one punch”

News from court...
News from court...

A Mansfield woman who knocked a woman to the floor in a night club attack admitted it on Facebook.

Mandy Knight attacked her victim at Illusions night club in the town and then posted ‘Oh my god I dropped a girl with one punch’.

Knight, 48 of Bishop Street pleaded guilty to assaulting the woman on March 15, when she appeared before Mansfield Magistrates on Wednesday.

The court was told Knight had been at the club when a fight had broken out between two men.

The defendant’s son was involved and was then alleged to have been slapped by the complainant.

Knight admitted punching the woman, who fell to the floor.

Magistrates heard the victim suffered a badly bruised eye after the blow.

Knight, who had drunk 3-4 pints and a couple of bottles on the night of the incident said she had felt the need to protect her son.

But she admitted her actions had been unnecessary and irresponsible.

She said she put it on Facebook as a result of shock at what she had done.

Knight was given a conditional discharge, ordered to pay £50 compensation and £50 court costs.