Mansfield man 'reluctant to go into town' after nightclub assault

Lexis nightclub, on Clumber Street.
Lexis nightclub, on Clumber Street.

A man is reluctant to go into Mansfield after his right elbow was badly damaged because he chatted to a girl in a nightclub.

A court heard that he was knocked over by Bradley Fletcher, 21, who had been with the girl before they argued on the dance floor of the Lexis club on Clumber Street.

Compensation of £3,000 and £350 costs were ordered from Fletcher of Cranborne Close, Mansfield. He admitted causing grievous bodily harm on February 2.

After a fallout between Fletcher and the girl, she sat alone in a booth overlooking the dance floor. The other man sat beside her and they began to talk.

Nick Walsh, mitigating, told Nottingham Crown Court: "She was deep in conversation with a man for five or six minutes with Mr Fletcher initially watching what was happening, sitting opposite them."

The woman then walked off and the man followed before Fletcher jumped up and knocked him over.

It was "a moment of madness" with no intention to cause an injury, said Mr Walsh. He said that Fletcher was full of remorse and shocked when he heard the man's statement.

"He could not believe something that he had done had affected so many people," added Mr Walsh.

A eight-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, was ordered for Fletcher. He must do 175 hours community work.

Judge Gregory Dickinson QC told him: "As so often where serious injury is caused, it happens for no good reason, stupid and fuelled in this case by alcohol."

He said there were no signs which would have indicated to the injured man that he was talking to the Fletcher's girlfriend.

He said it was "explicable" that the man and woman were close together in the booth because music would have been loud, making it hard to hear each other.

The judge added: "He fell heavily on his arm and the elbow had to be bolted and screwed."

Lucky Thandi, prosecuting, said that Fletcher came up behind the man as he walked away. From that position, he knocked him over and ran off. Fletcher was detained nearby.

The victim needed surgery which left him with a 20-centimetre scar. He missed five weeks work, was unable to drive for 15 weeks and estimated that he had attended 40 medical appointments, including physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

He lost feeling in his right hand and was unsure when that would return. It had also upset his son because he was unable to watch him play basketball.

Miss Thandi added: "He found it difficult to be in public places, particularly Mansfield."