Mansfield man jailed after attack following snooker club row

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A snooker player who attacked a man who had been irritating him at a Mansfield snooker club, has been jailed for just over two years.

Jakub Szulecki waited for Kristian Oczowski to leave Riley’s club, Leeming Street, then punched him and kicked him to the head on the ground.

The victim suffered a broken jaw and two broken teeth, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

The court was told the injured man had attempted to break his attacker’s snooker cue inside the club.

Szulecki (32), of Holden Street, Mansfield, admitted causing grievous bodily harm. The assault took place at 2.30am on 9th April.

At the time he was subject to a suspended prison sentence for a robbery.

In mitigation, it was said he was a hardworking man highly thought of by his employer.

When not in drink he was well regarded. He was in a relationship and had taken on three children who were not his own.

It was an assault under provocation.

Judge Jeremy Lea told him: “Whatever the behaviour of the man you assaulted, who had behaved in an irritating way towards you, nothing justified what you did.

“You waited until he left the club and attacked him from behind, a somewhat cowardly thing to do.”

The judge sentenced him to 16 months’ prison for the attack and a further nine months for breach of the suspended sentence.