Mansfield man Darryl Redfern guilty of £4,650 benefit fraud

A man said to have suffered a ‘catastrophic’ injury when he fell off a bus doing 60mph has been given a conditional discharge for a £4,650 benefit fraud.

Darryl Redfern (42), of Welbeck Street, Mansfield, admitted claiming jobseekers’ allowance and other benefits while doing warehouse work for an agency, Nottingham Crown Court was told.

He began work with the agency in September 2008 and the following month put in a claim for the jobseeker’s allowance, the court was told. He also received housing and council tax benefit.

Twenty years earlier he had suffered a head injury in his accident. Now he was receiving help from an organisation called Headway UK, the court heard.

He was effectively a man of previous good character with just a caution for shoplifting.

Judge John Burgess said he had read about the long-term effect of the ‘catastrophic’ accident, adding: “It appears he is getting the care and assistance he needs.”

It looked as if he might qualify for a disability allowance, said the judge.

Normally the sentence would have been a community penalty but in the exceptional circumstances it would be a conditional discharge. If he breached it, Redfern could be re-sentenced for the offences.

“But if you stay out of trouble for the next 18 months you can put all this behind you,” the judge told him.

The judge said the money was being re-couped by the authorities.