Mansfield junkie is asked to be jailed to help beat heroin habit


A junkie who was caught stealing from Tesco has been sent to prison - after asking to be detained.

Shantelle Louise Dawson (28) of Shirland Drive, Mansfield, said to have any chance of beating her heroin addiction, she needed to be behind bars.

Appearing at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court, she admitted to stealing a printer cartridge worth £11 from Tesco, and possession of a small quantity of amphetamine.

The offences triggered a suspended sentence she was already subject to because of a previous theft conviction.

Defending, Bill Soughton, explained that Dawson had been fighting a serious heroin addiction for more than nine years.

She had been on a methadone programme, but the 40 mls a day she was given was simply not enough, and was stealing to buy additional heroin to ‘top it up’.

He added: “She can’t break the habit and she does not want to cause any more problems.

“The plan is that she will go into custody and detox to get herself completely clean.”

She was given a total of 14 weeks’ jail, and was made to pay an £80 surcharge and £180 criminal court charge.