MANSFIELD: Drugs search at Queen Elizabeth’s Academy

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Nottinghamshire Police has carried out a search operation at a Mansfield school today (Friday 13th December 2013).

The force attended Queen Elizabeth’s Academy, in Chesterfield Road South, at 9am to conduct a search of the premises.

At the request of the school a drugs dog was employed. No drugs were found and no arrests were made.

Parents and carers were notified of the search by the school.

Mansfield Police sergeant Andy Downie said: “It is commendable that the school has approached us to tackle the issue of drugs. Too often we deal with youngsters who have had their lives ruined by illegal substances.

“By taking this proactive approach we can help educate youngsters about the dangers of drugs and show the tough stance taken by our communities.”

Principal Mike Smith said: “The academy has a zero tolerance policy around illegal substances being carried or used by any young person. The academy is working very closely with the police to stamp out the use of drugs within the local community and to show we will not tolerate our young people being supplied with illegal substances.”