Mansfield courtroom evacuated after prisoner turns violent

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A courtroom had to be evacuated at Mansfield Magistrates after a remand prisoner turned violent when he was refused bail.

Three security guards struggled to pin down Darren Scott Bowles during a hearing in which his solicitor even threatened to walk out if he did not behave.

The 40-year-old, of Kilton, near Worksop, had been charged with burglary from a shop, a charge he strongly denies. It involves an incident last week in which a pack of cigarettes worth £5 were allegedly taken from a shop and passed to Mr Bowles.

Following his arrest, he was then charged with indecent behaviour after allegedly urinating and masturbating in the police cell, as well as being verbally abusive.

He also faces a charge of criminal damage to his cell.

As Robert Carr outlined the case for the Crown Prosecution, Mr Bowles continually interrupted before the magistrates intervened and warned him to be quiet.

His solicitor, Louisa Treharne, even approached him and quietly said: “If you don’t behave, then I will walk out of here and you can represent yourself.”

He then remained quiet as Miss Treharne outlined a lengthy case in mitigation as to why he should be given bail.

However, after the magistrates spent time deliberating, they told him he would be kept on remand until a hearing on 16th April.

He then jumped up in the dock and began kicking the glass in a bid to break free.

One security guard was able to take him to the ground as he continued to shout and swear. An alarm was then triggered and two more entered the dock.

Everyone was ordered out of the court as they finally got him out of the dock.