Mansfield chip shop worker narrowly avoids prison after attack on ex-husband

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A Mansfield chip shop worker threatened to ‘kill’ her ex-husband with a 2ft metal bar.

Frances Burns, of Cambridge Street, Mansfield, visited her ex’s house in Mansfield Woodhouse after an argument over text message.

Prosecuting, Wayne Wallis said Burns turned up on the man’s doorstep around 5pm on 13th November, 2014.

He said: “She was banging and shouting and swore at him. She pulled out a shiny silver metal bar from her jacket which was 2ft long.

“She raised the bar above her head and lunged forwards to strike him.”

Mr Wallis said the man tried to close the door but Burns put her foot in the way.

He added: “She hammered on the door and told him ‘I’m going to kill you’”.

The ex-husband called the police and later told them he ‘feared for his safety’ during the five-minute long attack.

Mr Wallis said officers attended and saw the gauges in the door.

She appeared at Mansfield Magistrates’ court charged with criminal damage and possession of an offensive weapon. She pleaded guilty to the charges.

In mitigation Matt Greene said Burns accepted from the outset that it was a serious matter and never made attempts to minimise her actions and does show remorse to what happened.

He told the court: “She is a vulnerable and fragile person.”

Mr Greene said the couple separated three years ago and had caused her life to ‘fall apart’. Mr Greene said she had a mental breakdown and was depressed and was having counselling.

He said she had never reacted like that before and was ‘impulsive’ and ‘she shows a great deal of remorse’.

Magistrates told her she narrowly avoided a jail sentence.

Chair of the bench said: “It was pre-meditated and prolonged attack. We considered sending you to prison today.”

They sentenced her to six months in prison suspended for nine months. She was ordered to pay £100 compensation, costs of £85 and £80 victim surcharge.