Mansfield care home to help police work better with disabled people

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A Mansfield care home is set to play a vital role in the way Nottinghamshire Police interacts with people with learning disabilities.

Starting from September, Sanctuary Supported Living’s Corner House, on St Margaret Street, which cares for people with learning disabilities, will be holding a series of monthly sessions with student officers from the force.

Meeting with both residents and staff, the officers will receive practical advice on interactions with members of the learning disability community, as well as how to meet their relevant legal responsibilities.

Corner House manager Jo Hardwick said: “These sessions are a chance for us to build stronger links between the police and the learning disability community in the county.

“Most of the time, you can’t see a learning disability and that means it can be more difficult than managing someone with a disability that’s immediately apparent, like someone who uses a wheelchair, for example.”

Residents will be able to socialise with officers in the setting of the home, while staff will provide practical advice on how to communicate with people with learning disabilities in accordance with the Mental Capacity Act.

Corner House staff will also show officers how to meet the requirements of the act when it comes to arrests and police interviews, or removing clients from certain settings.

A Notts Police spokesperson said: “It is really useful for our officers to visit organisations like Corner House during their training to give them experience in dealing with people with learning disabilities.

“It adds to the breadth of knowledge they gain from their training and will set them up well for their future in the police service. We are grateful to the residents and staff for the advice they can give us.”