Mansfield builder grew £13,000 worth of cannabis for medicinal purposes


A builder who grew £13,000 worth of cannabis to alleviate arthritic pain was caught when police detected a strong smell of the drug on his street.

Desmond Patrick Lohan (48) said he needed the pain-relieving narcotic when officers found 16 plants in the loft space of his property on Woodhouse Road, Mansfield.

He pleaded guilty to a charge of producing a Class B drug and by-passing the electricity supply at the property.

Outlining the case for the CPS, Ruth Snodin, said an officer had gone to Lohan’s house following reports of a strong smell of cannabis.

Along with the plants, growing and heating equipment was also recovered.

Under questioning, Lohan said that he was using up to £80 of the drug a day, or half an ounce, in tea and in homemade cookies.

No evidence of drug dealing was found.

Defending Simon King, said his client has suffered from health issues since 2005 and been on strong medication that did not agree with him, but found that cannabis was ‘extremely effective’.

He said he found out how to grow the drug on the internet and through trial and error, but did not like the ‘underground way of growing cannabis’.

Mr King also said Lohan found a building worker who could by-pass the electricity supply so he could grow the plants under intense heat lamps without arousing suspicion.

Mr King added: “It was not to avoid payment, but thought it would draw attention to himself.”

He has since paid back most of the £1,800 of energy he used.

Sentencing was adjourned until 13th January to allow probation reports to be prepared.