Mansfield assault man allowed to care for dying wife

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Latest court news...

A Mansfield man who assaulted his terminally-ill partner during a drug-fuelled rage has been allowed to return and look after her by a court.

Liam Botcher applied to have a restraining order lifted after he lashed out at his wife, leaving her with a bruised cheek, following a row at their Hucklow Court home, on May 13.

He told the court: "I just want to get back home and care for her. Last February she was given 12 to 16 months to live. She has been deteriorating over the weeks.

"I think it's my duty to care for her during the day."

Police visited Mrs Botcher on July 1 when she told them she wanted the order lifting.

Ruth Snodin, for the Crown, said there was a large gap in the day when she has no care.

"They have been together for 29 years and there's only been a problem in the last four years because of his drug addiction," she said.

But she said there was no clear evidence Botcher was making progress with his drug problem or anger issues.

The restraining order bans him from contacting his wife and daughters, and from visiting his wife's home until February 16, 2020

Speaking at at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Wednesday, district judge Jonathan Taaffe: "This is an extremely difficult decision for the court to make.

"On one hand I have the protection of the victim, who, by any description, is extremely vulnerable. She is bed-bound and terminally ill and has little time left to live.

"This lady has weeks to live and it seems to me that her wish is that she have contact with her partner of 29 years - notwithstanding the matters to which he pleaded guilty in May.

"On purely humanitarian and realistic grounds, I am going to discharge the restraining order because I feel that it would now be unworkable.

"Nothing I say means that you have a green light to stay at the house if you're not wanted there."

He warned Botcher, 46, of Rosemary Street, that he would be locked up if there are any repetitions of the original offences.