Mansfield and district crime report

Mansfield and district crime report for the week to Thursday October 4.

Only those areas with reported crimes are listed.


Burglary dwelling other than:

Between Sunday and Tuesday there has been a shed broken into. Nothing in the shed but lock damaged on Crown Street.

Criminal damage:

Known male on Bowling Street caused damage to a door on Tuesday.

Forest Town East

Theft Other

Thursday a wallet was stolen from a public house on Clipstone Road East after it was dropped on the floor.

Criminal Damage

Thursday a gate was kicked and property was damaged on Stanley Road.

Clipstone Drive on Monday, a group caused damage to a gate whilst attempting to gain entry to the property. Entry was not gained.

Monday Group throwing apples causing damage to a porch on Seventh Avenue.

Vehicle bonnet was scratched on the avenues at Forest Town between 9am and 5.30 pm on Tuesday.

Forest Town West


Theft of/from a motor vehicle:

Car broken into where a passenger window was smashed on Tuesday on Pump Hollow Road


Theft of a mobile phone from a taxi on Sunday.

Grange Farm

Theft of/ from a motor vehicle:

Saturday vehicle has been stolen from Sutton Road Mansfield between 09.10 am and 10.15 am.

Theft Other

On Monday in the Sutton Road area a bag was stolen whilst person was out shopping.

Handbag Reported stolen from a wheelchair whilst shopping in a store on Sutton Road on Wednesday.


Burglary dwelling

On Monday person returned to their home address to find that entry had been gained and it had be secured by the housing provider.

Burglary Other

Access gained to a commercial property on Kirkland Industrial Estate Tuesday between the hours of 8pm and 9pm. Nothing taken.

Wednesday known person has taken items from within a property from an address on Burns street Mansfield.


Criminal Damage

Wed damage was caused to a window by a brick on Warsop Road.


Theft Other

Known offender stole documents from an address in Rainworth on Saturday.

Tuesday a known male stole a phone from a person on Flintham Court.

Oak Tree

Criminal damage

Damaged windows on Kedleston walk on Thursday stone was thrown at the address

Pleasley Hill/Bull Farm

Theft of/ From Motor vehicle:

Vehicle reported stolen on Friday after it was purchased using a stolen credit card from a garage on Chesterfield Road North.

Tuesday a vehicle and trailer was stolen from a building site on Water Lane Mansfield.

Number plate has been stolen from a vehicle on Wednesday from Woburn Lane.

Theft Other

Theft of a push -bike, taken from garden on Carpenter Avenue on Saturday.

Theft from a motor vehicle:

Thursday 2 windows were smashed on a vehicle parked on High Oakham Hill. Nothing stolen.

Vehicle parked on Stockwell gate on Saturday was broken into damage caused and phone charger stolen.

Monday fuel reported was stolen from a company vehicle on Hermitage Lane, but actual date could not be provided.

Rooth Street Mansfield reports on Tuesday, passenger windows were smashed and a Dashcam stolen along with items from the glove box.

Van has been stolen overnight from Prospect Street on Wednesday.

Wednesday white sprinter van was stolen from Broxstowe Drive Mansfield overnight.

Theft Other:

Purse stolen from town Centre on Sunday

Wednesday a door bell was stolen from outside a property on Bishop Street

Criminal damage:

Sunday damage was caused to a window vehicle parked on Stockwell gate Mansfield, between midnight and 9am


Theft from a motor vehicle:

Two reports of thefts from motor vehicle on Thursday. Number plates stolen from Poplar Street and theft of phone stolen from a van on the old mill lane industrial estate.

On Tuesday it has been reported that 4 batteries have been stolen from company vehicle on the old mill lane Industrial Estate.

Theft Other

Friday lead was reported stolen from a roof on Church Street within the last 8 days

A telehandler has been stolen on Monday from the industrial estate Old mill Lane.

Monday an insecure push bike was stolen from outside Woodhouse Centre High Street Mansfield woodhouse.

Criminal damage

Damage was caused on Saturday, to a conservatory. It is believed to have been caused by a pellet on Arun Dale.


Theft Other:

Named offender has taken money from Woodhouse Road on Tuesday. Person refused to give it back.

Theft from motor vehicle:

Panels removed and taken from a van on Thursday from Edgar Ave. Happened between the hours of 9pm and 8.40 am

Overnight a vehicle was broken into on windmill lane area on Wednesday. Window of the vehicle was smashed. Small items were stolen.

Unknown offender smashed a window on a vehicle on Wednesday from Ravensdale Road.

Criminal damage:

Damage to a car window happened on Wednesday on Recreation Street.


Burglary other than dwelling:

Friday money was stolen from a property on Welbeck Street.

Theft from Motor Vehicle:

Friday vehicle had its roof of a convertible car ripped open and bag stolen from inside on Chesterfield Road South

Thursday vehicle was broken into between the hours of 9pm and 11.30pm.It had been parked Norfolk Drive.

Criminal damage to a motor vehicle:

Town Centre


Unknown person has broken into a property in the Handley Arcade between 06.48 and 07.04 on Tuesday. Items were stolen.


Saturday a female called to say her bag has been stolen happened between the hours14.30-15.00.

Sunday a bag was left unattended on the market place, when she turned around it had been stolen.

Bag reported stolen on Monday from a public house after person left an unknown male in charge of it.

Posters have been reported stolen on Tuesday from the entrance of a doorway of a shop in the town.

Person on Tuesday reports the theft of a purse that was dropped on the floor of a bus and now can’t be located

Thursday caller reported that the handle bars, seat and back wheels of a push bike had been stolen from the Train Station Mansfield happened between 08.30-12.15 hours

Theft from motor vehicle:

Tuesday on Stockwell gate a vehicle had its passenger window put through items stolen.

Criminal damage to a motor vehicle:

Tuesday it was reported that stall had been damaged on the market place.

Damage has been caused to a shop window after it had been kicked by a male on Tuesday.

Tuesday again, a group of kids were throwing rocks onto the Taxi rank was caused.

Warsop Birklands

Burglary Dwelling:

On Tuesday an empty property on Watson Street was broken into but nothing stolen.


On Wednesday, milk was stolen from the playground of the local school this is the second reporting in a week. A previous occasion was reported the same day but happened on the Friday.

Criminal Damage:

Friday a window was smashed on a shop on Church Street.

Saturday another two incidents of windows being smashed on the public house on Carr Lane.

If you have any information relating to the above criminal activity e.g. did you or anyone you know witness one of the incidents?

Do you know the person (s) responsible are?

Have you noticed any suspicious activity prior to any incident?

Or do you have any CCTV footage that may be of any help?

If so, please contact the Nottinghamshire Police Safer neighbourhood team on

Inspector Nick Butler

Mansfield District Commander