Man took patient hostage at Mansfield hospital and was tasered by police, witness says

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An eyewitness to an incident at a Mansfield hospital has revealed that a patient was taken hostage.

Emergency services were called to St Andrew’s Hospital, on Sherwood Avenue - which cares for people with mental illnessesi n secure units - on May 30 after a 999 call. Five police vans and three ambulances were needed at one point - plus the specialist Hazardous Area Response Team - but both the hospital and police played down the incident, describing it as ‘minor’.

However, according to a witness, one patient took another patient hostage while demanding McDonalds food. He had to be tasered by police before being arrested.

The eyewitness said: “Police came in with riot shields and helmets with a negotiator. He didn’t get [the food he asked for] as he was tasered and handcuffed then taken away in a police van.”

Nottinghamshire Police have not yet commented.