Man’s Pinxton raid bid foiled by police helicopter

A POLICE helicopter with heat-seeking equipment pinpointed an Ashfield man raiding a works compound.

Police had been tipped off that two men were trying to break into a storage yard on Erewash Road, Pinxton, on 8th January .

Chesterfield magistrates were told on Monday it was dark and difficult for any intruders to be seen by officers on the ground.

But a force helicopter hovering above detected a heat source and Stephen Swain was found hiding behind a wooden pallet.

“He said he had arranged to meet someone to sell a computer game and was chased by a group of youths he didn’t know, and he climbed a fence to get away from them.

“He then said he had made this up and he had gone there with someone he wouldn’t name, intending to steal scrap metal.

“The other male had passed some cable, motors and batteries to him, which they intended to sell,” said Helen Griffiths, prosecuting.

Swain (36), of Skegby Road, Kirkby, admitted attempted theft from Sutton Roofing.

He had previous convictions for burglary and theft from commercial premises.

Magistrates fined him £81, with £85 costs.

Chris Perry, for Swain, said: “He foolishly agreed to participate in this offence because he was struggling financially. I don’t think he will repeat the mistake.”

The court was told that Swain worked for a poultry firm and paid board to live at a friend’s address.