Man loses USA fight

Richard O'Dwyer
Richard O'Dwyer

THE Home Secretary yesterday approved the extradition of a former Bolsover student to the United States to face allegations of piracy.

Sheffield Hallam University student Richard O’Dwyer (23) set up a website called TVShack, which American authorities claim provided links to pirated films and television programmes.

The computer science student allegedly earned thousands of pounds through advertising on the site he ran from his bedroom before it was closed down.

If convicted of breaching copyright laws in America he could face 10 years in jail

Richard’s lawyers say his site did not store copyright material and that it is no different to internet search engines such as Google, which act as pointers to information rather than being responsible for the content.

A spokesman said Home Secretary Theresa May ‘carefully considered all relevant matters’ before signing the order.

Mr O’Dwyer’s mother Julia, from Bolsover, said her son had been ‘sold down the river’ by the Government and 20,000 signed a petition backing his case.