Man killed his Tibshelf workmate after row

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A man who struck a colleague with a fatal blow after a work row has been jailed for three years.

Derby Crown Court recently heard how Grzegorz Betleja, 29 of Nursery Avenue, Sutton-in-Ashfield, struck his colleague following a day at work.

Prosecuting solicitor Angela Hadfield had told a previous Chesterfield magistrates’ court hearing that Betleja punched 39-year-old Jacek Golubek on March 21.

She said: “During their shifts there was a disagreement. Mr Golubek accused the defendant of not pulling his weight and being lazy and they fell out.”

The defendant and deceased were Polish agency workers based at Wanzl, on Sawpit Lane industrial estate.

Betleja was seen walking off the site, according to Mrs Hadfield, and the victim was seen driving into a car park having been beckoned by the defendant. Mrs Hadfield said witnesses described seeing them at a grass bank squaring up to each other and one said they saw the defendant punch the victim and saw him fall to the ground.

The witness heard the defendant saying to the victim ‘do not die’ and an ambulance and police were called, according to Mrs Hadfield.

Mr Golubek was taken to Chesterfield Royal Hospital and was diagnosed with a brain injury and pronounced clinically dead on March 22. His life support machine was switched off on March 24.

Betleja admitted to police he had punched Mr Golubek but claimed the victim had thrown a punch at him which he had avoided. Defence solicitor Robert Sowter had claimed Betleja did not want to hurt anyone he just wanted to defend himself. His case had been adjourned to Derby Crown Court where Betleja pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced before a planned hearing on November 10.