Man grew cannabis in his loft at Langwith

A JAIL term hangs over a man who grew cannabis plants in the loft of his Langwith Junction home.

Police seized five immature plants when they visited Craig Wyatt’s home at 11.30pm on 17th August.

“He said he planted them outside in a field not far away initially and dug them up and took them home the day before police called,” Helen Griffiths, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates. wed

“He said he bought the seeds from a shop in Chesterfield and other occupants of the address disn’t know he was growing them.”

Police estimated that each plant could have yielded up to £120 worth of cannabis bush if grown to maturity and harvested.

Jobless Wyatt (25), of Langwith Road, Langwith Junction, admitted producing cannabis plants.

He had previous convictions for possessing cannabis and being concerned in the production of the drug.

The justices imposed a four-week prison sentence but suspended it for six months.

Wyatt was also given a six-month probation supervision order, with £60 costs, and the bench ordered that the plants be destroyed.

His solicitor, Bob Bashforth, said the plants were not served by a hydroponic growing system or heat lamps.

“He says he dug them up and put them in the attic and he expected them to die because he wasn’t tending to them.

“He is a cannabis user from time to time,” said Mr Bashforth.