Man fined for Facebook court photo

A BOLSOVER man landed himself back before magistrates last Wednesday by posting a photo taken in a courtroom on Facebook.

The picture of Ashley Bradbury, posing in front of the justices’ bench at Chesterfield, was taken while they were out of the room deciding his sentence.

It later appeared on his Facebook page, with a comment that he laughed in the court’s face.

The law forbids use of cameras and recording equipment within court buildings and a sign at the entrance to Chesterfield magistrates court points this out.

Bradbury (24) was before the justices on 21st December for failing to comply with a probation supervision order and he was handed a curfew order instead.

“The magistrates went out to consider sentence and it seems somebody took a photograph of him and he went on to publish this on his Facebook page,” said Peter Bettney, prosecuting.

Bradbury, of Town End, Bolsover, admitted publishing a photograph taken in court andwas fined £315, with £85 costs.

“He conveys his apologies for this offence. It was a complete misjudgement. It was stupid to put it on Facebook and brandish it to the world,” said his solicitor, Katie Fowkes.

Bradbury, an unemployed bricklayers’ labourer, told the court he took the photograph himself.