Man escapes jail term after nightclub fight


A New Year’s Eve scuffle that started in a Mansfield nightclub led to a man being handed a suspended sentence.

Scott Richard Dyke (24) of Scotswood Road, Mansfield Woodhouse, punched another reveller and headbutted a member of the doorstaff at the After Dark nightclub on Clumber Street.

The 24-year-old appeared before Mansfield Magistrates’ Court and admitted three counts of common assault.

The court was told how the first victim had pushed in the face by Dyke in the nightclub, for which Dyke was thrown out of the club.

The victim left shortly after and when Dyke saw him outside he walked towards the victim again and this time punched him in the back of the had and the jaw.

When a door staff member tried to intervene, Dyke aimed two headbutts at him, but only connected once.

Neither victim suffered any serious injury.

The court was told that the tension between Dyke and the first victim the two was caused by their respective girlfriends and an exchange of text messages which allegedly insulted Dyke.

Defending, Sarah Neale said: “He has limited recollection of what happened.

“He finds it extremely embarrassing and he has let himself down.

“The whole experience of waking up in a police station has been enough of a deterrent.”

He was given a 16-week sentence, suspended for a year, made to carry out 100 hours community service, pay out £150 in compensation, £165 in costs and banned from the After Dark nightclub for a year.