Man died after swallowing rubber glove


A man died at a nursing home after swallowing a rubber glove - an inquest was told.

Staff at the Langwith care home where David Rushby, 62, was a patient had been charged with monitoring him 24 hours a day but a care assistant told the court he had not been receiving the care he should have done.

It emerged during the hearing at Chesterfield coroners court that North Eastern Derbyshire Primary Care Trust (PCT) had funded 24-hour one-to-one care for Mr Rushby, of Langwith, who was known for trying to swallow various objects.

But care assistant Sian Smith, who was on night-duty at Oaklands Care Centre, North Road, the evening before Mr Rushby died on May 9 2009, told coroner Dr Robert Hunter that staff had been advised not to sit in Mr Rushby’s room as he would sometimes become aggressive.

Ms Smith told Dr Hunter that she could hear Mr Rushby moving around in his room.

Dr Hunter said: “You could hear him moving around but you did not know what he was doing because you were sat outside with the door shut. How did you know he was not trying to swallow a pillow case?”

But in response Ms Smith told the coroner: “The only thing I can say is there was no previous evidence of him trying to do that.”

Dr Hunter added: “There is evidence of him trying to swallow anything he could get his hands on.”

When asked if it had been made clear to her that the PCT had paid for 24-hour one-to-one care for Mr Rushby Ms Smith said she was not told anything about funding and no extra staff had been taken on.

Paramedic Nigel Moore said he pulled a rubber glove, which are used in the care home by staff changing incontinent patients, from Mr Rushby’s throat just above his airway.

But unfortunately, attempts to resuscitate Mr Rushby using a mechanical ventilator failed.

The jury inquest continues.