Man assaulted ‘love of his life’

A Bulwell man “squared up, nose to nose” with the “love of his life” and assaulted her, a court heard.

And when he went to apologise later in the day, he ended up attacking someone else too..

James Quinn (29), of Newmarket Road, pleaded guilty to assault by beating of his former girlfriendand another person, who cannot be named for legal reasons, on Friday 19th September last year.

Nottingham Magistrates’ Court was told that Quinn had been in a relationship with the woman since he was 16.

“But things deteriorated to the extent that they were no longer together,” said Peter Quinn, prosecuting.

“The allegation is that they squared up, nose to nose, one afternoon, and he pushed her, knocking her backwards.”

While she went off to a local function, he had a few drinks, and he was intoxicated when he went to see the woman to say sorry, the court was told.

However, they argued again when she indicated their relationship was over.

A person intervened to try and stop another assault, but Quinn “grabbed him round the neck, got him in a bear hug and forced him against a wall”.

Emma Wyborn, defending, said Quinn was “very remorseful” for what happened, describing it as “a one-off”.

“This has had a profound effect on him,” said Mrs Wyborn.

“He has been involved in a family unit for most of his adult years, and he still feels that (the woman) is the love of his life.

“He has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and prescribed with anti-depressants by his doctor.”

Quinn was fined £75 for each assault and ordered to pay court costs of £85, plus a victim surcharge of £20.

A two-year restraining order was also imposed, banning him from contacting the wpman and the other victim or going to her home i Bulwell.