Makeshift trap set in Forest Town

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A hazardous wire cable, stretched across a road in Forest Town, could have caused serious injury, police have warned.

Nottinghamshire Police was called after a motorist drove down Old Mill Lane at about 1.45am on Monday, 9th December and struck the makeshift trap.

The wire was attached to two wheelie bins and was positioned near the junction of Ellesmere Road, police said.

As the vehicle hit the wire the bins emptied into the road but police say there could have been more serious consequences if a motorcycle or smaller vehicle had been involved.

Sergeant Andy Downie said: “On the face of it this could look like a silly prank but the consequences could have been very serious.

“If a motorbike had been driving down the road at that time of night we could have been dealing with a fatal collision.

“We’d like to speak to anyone who knows about this incident or who may have seen someone stretching the wire cable across the road.

“We’d also like to remind people that any objects left in the road can present a hazard to motorists and can cause serious accident or injury. If you have any concerns about unusual or suspicious behaviour in your neighbourhood please get in touch with us.”