Lonely Leabrooks man sent offensive texts to stranger

A LONELY Leabrooks man sent offensive text messages to a stranger after finding her number on a shop window advertisement.

The victim, who was advertising tailoring services, was shocked to receive a text message stating ‘I want your body’.

She did not recognise Gary Baker’s phone number and he sent her more texts, apologising for the first message and wishing her a happy Valentine’s Day.

Fernando Rodrigues, prosecuting, told magistrates at Chesterfield that she replied by text, asking who had sent the message.

Baker answered with an invitation to his home, stating ‘come to Main Road, Leabrooks, and I will explain’.

The victim became ‘fed-up’ with the messages and phoned Baker’s number but she heard only an answering service, said Mr Rodrigues.

He added: “Police were informed and the phone was recovered.

“The defendant initially said his phone must have been hacked but then he accepted sending messages after getting the number from a shop window in Clay Cross.”

Baker (32) told police he felt bored and lonely and chose the number because he needed some repairs carrying out.

He admitted sending an indecent or offensive phone message between 2nd-17th February and was fined £48, with £85 costs, by the justices, who described the offence as ‘silly. Baker told the court: “I’m very sorry. I did something wrong.”