LETTER: Keep police on the beat


“Cut front line staff to balance the budget”, how often do we hear this, be it police, health, social workers, teachers etc, but you never hear of any managers being laid off or freeze on recruitment.

Clearly if the government has identified that Nottinghamshire police could save £5.6 million, it must have had too much money previously and therefore ALL elements, of the force needs to be SCRUTINISED.

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Like any private sector business has to it must work within budget, at all levels before focusing on the public face of the force. Reducing the ‘paperwork’ that officers have to do would release them to be more visible, better management of expensive resources would be a better way forward, with firmer management, cost based, ie was it really cost effective to deploy the helicopter to look for a cased shotgun that had fallen from a car – needle in a haystack! Deployments only proportionate to incidents of traffic cars and officers.

There are endless examples of waste, in all our public sectors and it is the reason why, instead of just moaning about it, I have put myself forward to represent Mansfield in Westminster, in the hope that I could make a difference, by focusing more attention to a more business-like approach, to political decision making, rather than the decisions being made by career politicians, who have never had a proper job.

Number 96 of UKIP’s 100 Point Plan is “No cuts in frontline policing”.

Sid Pepper

PPC UKIP for Mansfield

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