Leabrooks attack victim slams courts

.Wayne Renshaw afetr an attack in Leabrooks
.Wayne Renshaw afetr an attack in Leabrooks

A LEABROOKS man left scarred for life after a teenager hit him in the face with a brick says he feels let down by the justice system.

Thirty-seven-year-old Wayne Renshaw had been walking his dog around Pennytown Ponds in Somercotes when he saw the youth attacking his girlfriend in June this year.

He tried to intervene after the girl called for help, but was then attacked with a brick by the teenager as he was calling the police.

“I saw this guy headbutting and punching his girlfriend and trying to drag her into the trees, she was shouting and screaming for someone to call the police so I tried to help,” he said.

“I rang the police but he attacked me and I had to end the call, he picked up a black brick and hit me in the face with it and then ran off.”

Wayne was left bleeding and had to have external and internal stitches and he has been left with permanent nerve damage near his left temple.

The youth was given a 12-month supervision and surveillance order and a three-month curfew after admitting grievous bodily harm at North East Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court, but Wayne says he has been left with a permanent reminder of the attack and is still wary of going out.

“The doctors said it was a miracle that I did not break my jaw, it was a deep cut, almost down to the bone,” he added.

“I’m always wary of going out now especially if I see young lads hanging around and I always take a torch with me if I go out at night.”

Wayne says the culprit should have been given a stiffer punishment after his charge was reduced from wounding with intent to cause serious grievous bodily harm to grievous bodily harm.

“I’m absolutely furious about what happened, it was a violent and horrible attack and I feel 100 per cent let down by the system,” he added.

The youth was also ordered to pay £250 compensation and he must participate in a 91-day extended activity.