Langwith dad tried to escape from police on motorbike

A LANGWITH dad seen riding his step-dad’s motorcycle without headgear tried to give police the slip.

A witness called police at 8pm on 5th March to say a bike was being ridden without lights and the rider was not wearing a helmet.

Officers found the bike parked on French Terrace, Langwith, and Martin Wardle tried to kick start it as they approached.

They shouted for him to stop and both Wardle and the machine tipped over onto the ground.

He then ran down an alleyway leaving the keys in the ignition, Chesterfield magistrates were told last Wednesday.

Prosecutor Lynn Manning said: “He returned a few minutes later, saying ‘I was trying to get away from you but it didn’t start’. He smelled of alcohol and cannabis.

“He said ‘I took it and my dad doesn’t even know’. He was searched and a wrap containing cannabis was recovered.”

She added that Wardle (25) later refused to take a breathalyser test, saying he had not ridden the bike that night and therefore did not need to give a breath sample.

His step-father confirmed he had not given him permission to use the bike but chose not to make a formal complaint to police.

Wardle, of Poulter Street, Langwith, admitted failing to provide a breath specimen for analysis, driving without insurance and possessing cannabis.

He had a previous conviction for drink-driving. Sentence was adjourned until 6th June for probation service reports.

“The explanation for this stupid offence is he was in drink at the time. He will receive a further disqualification that rather scuppers his career plans as no-one employs a mechanic who can’t drive.

“He hasn’t worked since his last disqualification,” said Bob Sowter, in mitigation.

He told the court that Wardle separated from the mother of his 18-month-old son a year ago and he had care of the child every other week.