Kirkby woman given conditional discharge for bail offence

A KIRKBY woman facing trial by jury for alleged drugs offences has been hauled back before magistrates for a bail offence.

Terri Marshall should have attended Chesterfield court on 20th June to answer charges but missed the hearing.

She was brought before the bench on Monday, when her solicitor, John Wilford, said she was too sick to attend the earlier hearing.

“She was ill on the day and didn’t get here until the following day. She has tried to obtain a medical certificate for her absence,” said Mr Wilford.

He added: “The proceedings have not been delayed at all.”

Marshall (27) of Richmond Road, admitted breaching bail. She had no previous convictions.

Presiding magistrate David Summers gave her a six-month conditional discharge, with £85 costs.

Marshall and another person are due to appear before Derby Crown Court for a trial relating to alleged drugs offences.