Kirkby man feared for his life in alleged hit and run attack

Karl Gregory was taken to hospital after a crash. (Image: Ryan Gregory)
Karl Gregory was taken to hospital after a crash. (Image: Ryan Gregory)

A Kirkby man feared he was going to die as he watched a motorist drive into him.

Karl Gregory, 47, says he is lucky to be alive after the alleged hit and run incident which left him needing hospital treatment.

Nottingham Forest fan Mr Gregory of Bingley Crescent suffered a broken thumb and cuts and bruises to his knees, elbows and arms in the incident on October 20

The DHL courier was on his way home from a game with his wife and had pulled over after noticing a black car driving erratically.

He said the driver was on his phone and he noticed the man’s erratic driving towards the traffic lights near the Badger Box pub, in Annesley.

The man undertook him and allegedly continued to sharply brake for no reason.

Mr Gregory claimed the driver pulled up at traffic lights near Mutton Hill, after the pub, which were on green - and drove off as the lights were changing from amber to red, closely followed by Mr Gregory.

He safely overtook the driver but then stopped at the side of the road after the Balls Lane junction in a bid to have a word with the man about his driving.

He said he was around 10 ft in front of the driver behind when he stopped.

Mr Gregory got out of his car, saying: “Why are you driving like that?”

He added: “I never approached his car. It’s not like I had been confrontational. I am literally standing at the side of my car. I just shouted back: ‘Why are you driving like that?’ With open arms.

“All I can remember is him stationary looking at me - and then all I can remember is the bang.”

“I can remember the build-up on impact. I thought I am done - that’s the only thing I thought in my head: I am done, I am dead,” he said.

“My wife got out of the car and she said I was motionless. I can’t imagine what it would have been like for her. I must have come round and squealed in pain.”

A police spokesman said: “We’re appealing for witnesses and information after a non-stop collision

“It was reported that the victim, a 47-year-old man, got out of his vehicle before the other vehicle drove into him. The victim was taken to the Queen’s Medical Centre for treatment for his injuries.”