Kirkby copper thief is jailed

A KIRKBY man who broke into houses to steal valuable copper piping has been jailed for more than two years.

Ricky Butler (26) left blood identified as his own at a property in Glenside, the street he was living in, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

The occupants had moved out of the ground floor flat belonging to Ashfield Homes and the back door had been fitted with a screen to deter intruders, said Jon Fountain, prosecuting.

On 17th June the screen was found to have been forced away. Piping and a gas meter had been taken and £100 damage done.

The estimated loss of rent was £720.

When arrested Butler also owned up to stealing copper in Beacon Drive and Warwick Close and another burglary with intent to steal in Glenside.

He had previous convictions for house burglary and had been to custody before.

His barrister Steven Taylor said: “He has been undone again by drug taking and having more alcohol than is good for him.”

Butler had been working full-time but got into debt over Christmas. Rent arrears had crept up to several hundred pounds and he was facing possible eviction.

The judge Recorder Stuart Rafferty told Butler that taking drugs was selfish. His partner now had to struggle bringing up their two children.