Kirkby addict jailed after car thefts

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A Kirkby drug addict pleaded guilty to stealing from a car after three days without sleep as he went through self imposed “cold turkey”.

Persistent thief Mark McCann stole a coat, binoculars gloves and a foot pump from the vehicle on Highland Close, Mansfield on March 4.

McCann, 27, was jailed for a total of 12 weeks after he pleaded guilty to the theft at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

A resident of Highland Close had seen a man walking down the driveway approaching cars.

When she saw torchlight inside a neighbour’s car, her husband went outside to investigate and found McCann in the vehicle.

He ran off after he was challenged.

Police later stopped McCann and a bag was recovered, with the stolen contents still inside.

When questioned by police, McCann asked for five other similar offences to be taken into account.

The court heard McCann, of Beacon Drive had a community order imposed on him on December 4 for similar offences and he had committed his latest offence during that order.

McCann told officers he tried opening car doors and if one was open he would enter the car to see if there was anything worth stealing.

He was tested for class A drugs and found positive for opiates.

The defendant had problems with drugs and had been on heroin since he was 20.

He had taken Methadone on prescription, but had decided to stop using the drug and go on “cold turkey” as his head was “in a mess”.

He was sentenced to eight weeks for the theft and four for the community order breech to run consecutively.