Jonathan Turner murder trial: Man accused of lying to police

Jonathan Turner
Jonathan Turner

ONE of three men accused of murdering Forest Town dad Jonathan Turner during a town centre attack was told he had deliberately lied in a police statement, while giving evidence in court on Wednesday.

Bagdas Kilic and two other Eastern European men allegedly assaulted Mr Turner (27) outside the Vibe Bar, Stockwell Gate, on 7th May last year, after the victim was heard by onlookers to make a racist comment to the three.

Mr Turner later died of head injuries.

Kilic (22), of Westfield Lane, Mansfield; Vjaceslavs Solovjovs (23), of Terrace Road, Mansfield, and Andrej Novakov (20), of Kipling Street, Mansfield, all deny murder.

Nottingham Crown Court was told how Kilic told police in a prepared statement he had only got involved with the fight when his co-accused, Solovjovs, had gone forward towards Mr Turner and to stop Mr Turner hitting him.

The court was told how Kilic changed his statement once he had seen CCTV footage which showed him kicking Mr Turner repeatedly while the Forest Town man was on the floor.

Said prosecutor Maureen Baker: “You told police, ‘I obviously minimised my involvement’. You lied.

“Once you had been shown your lies were not acceptable you had to deal with it.”

Said Mr Kilic: “No, I told the police it was a fight when they arrested me.”

“Minimised is a polite way of saying you lied, is it not?” replied Ms Baker.

“No,” said Kilic. “Because what was going through my mind during the fight was not the same as what was on the CCTV.”

Ms Baker also challenged evidence Kilic had given in court in which he said he had kicked Mr Turner once in the legs or buttocks area.

Said Ms Baker: “You chased Mr Turner to the other side of the street where Mr Novakov kicked him and you kicked him again and again.”

Said Kilic: “As far as I was concerned it was just me and him fighting and I pulled away and as far as I was concerned the fight was over.”

Ms Baker asked Kilic why he had not mentioned in during his police interview that he was frightened after an incident on the dance floor at the Vibe in which a woman had made racist comments to the group.

“Why no reference to the incident at the Vibe at all?” said Ms Baker.

“I do not remember at the time,” said Kilic.

Said Ms Baker: “But it was an important incident and you were afraid.”

“Fear was with me from the beginning,” replied Kilic.

Ms Baker suggested to Kilic that he had exaggerated the persecution he had suffered in Turkey and later in Mansfield.

She asked why his mother had applied to the UK government to join his father in Mansfield under family reunion legislation rather than applying for refugee status due to her own persecution.

Kilic said this was because the family were persecuted due to his father’s political activities and it was nothing to do with his mother.

The trial continues.