JONATHAN TURNER MURDER TRIAL LATEST: Man denies aiming kick to dad’s head

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A MAN accused of murdering Forest Town man Jonathan Turner was told in court today (Friday) he made a deliberate choice when he joined in a town centre attack on the young father.

Andrej Novakov and two other eastern European men are facing murder charges after an assault on Mr Turner (27) outside The Vibe, on Stockwell Gate, Mansfield, on 7th May last year.

Witnesses have told the trial how Mr Turner, who later died of head injuries, was heard by onlookers to make a racist comment to the three.

Bagdas Kilic (22), of Westfield Lane, Mansfield, Vjaceslavs Solovjovs (23), of Terrace Road, Mansfield, and Novakov (21), of Kipling Street, Mansfield, all deny murder.

Lithuanian-born Novakov had admitted aiming a kick at Mr Turner but said he did not know if it connected and got involved because he was ‘stupid, drunk and lost control of himself.’

Maureen Baker QC, prosecuting, said: “You made a deliberate choice to kick that man. You did not have to do it did you. You chose to do it.

“After your kick Mr Kilic got another two kicks in himself. You had put Mr Turner on the ground so that Mr Kilic could do that.”

Ms Baker showed the jury and Novakov CCTV footage of the assault from outside the Vibe which showed him kicking out at Mr Turner as the Forest Town man went past him.

She said: “After you kick out Mr Turner goes to the floor, does he not?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“So you know you have actually struck him. He was bleeding by then wasn’t he. The only place he was bleeding from was his mouth. Your kick was to his head wasn’t it?”

“No,” replied Novakov.

Ms Baker also showed the court video footage in which Novakov is seen standing over Mr Turner’s body after he had been knocked unconscious by a final kick.

“You now saw how serious it was but you did not help him did you? You were talking to your friend and waving goodnight to her.

“You could have gone and found some help from a policeman in the town centre but instead you left the scene with the people who had been fighting with and violent to Mr Turner.”

Novavov said he did not know Mr Turner’s attackers but left with them because two of his friends were part of the group.

Robert Fortune QC, defending, asked Novakov: “When you kicked Mr Turner were you kicking him with a view that he would keep down so Mr Solovjovs and Mr Kilic could carry on with the fight?”

“No,” replied Novakov.

He also denied intending any serious harm to Mr Turner.

The court heard evidence from a part-time Special Constable who had worked with Novakov as a warehouse operative.

He said: “He was very, very hard-working and introduced himself straight away with a large smile and a handshake.”

When Mr Fortune asked the witness what Novakov drank during social occasions and how he reacted to alcohol, he was told Novakov would drink a can of Fosters and was pleasant company when under the influence of alcohol.

Mr Fortune also read a good character reference from an old girlfriend and school mate who said she ‘could only say good things’ about Novakov. That he was ‘open and warm’ and she would never expect him to act aggressively.

The trial continues.