Jonathan Turner murder trial: Forest Town man was kicked to death over remark, court is told

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A FOREST Town man was kicked to death after making comments seen to be racist to three men outside a Mansfield town centre pub, a court was told today.

Mr Turner had been having a night out and was attacked outside the Vibe pub on 7th May 2011 by the three men for what they saw as a racist comment, a jury was told at Nottingham Crown Court.

CCTV footage taken from outside the pub, on Stockwell Gate, showed Mr Turner standing outside at around 3.40am.

Bagdas Kilic, Vjaceslavs Solovjovs and Andrej Novakov were walking along Stockwell Gate towards the Vibe and Mr Turner was heard to say ‘Poland is that way’ by onlookers and gestured with his arms.

Prosecutor Maureen Baker said: “Within seconds Solovjovs and Kilic set about Mr Turner. Kilic was shouting that he was racist by saying those words.”

She said they were both seen attacking Mr Turner with clenched fists by onlookers.

The court was told that eye witnesses saw Solovjovs and Kilic kick Mr Turner hard.

Ms Baker added: “Mr Turner went to the ground, not able to defend himself.”

Novakov then aimed a kick in Mr Turner’s direction, the court was told.

“The kick connected and caused Mr Turner to lose balance,” Ms Baker said.

“When on the ground Solovjovs issued a final kick to his head and face area from which he fell, became motionless and unconscious and did not move again.”

The court was then shown CCTV footage of the three men running down Meeting House alley and emerging at the Rosemary Centre with Solovjovs’ two sisters who had also been at the scene.

Kilic was shown on camera limping with an injured foot and having his hand examined by Solovjovs.

Andrej Novakov (19), of Kipling Street, Mansfield; Bragdas Kilic (22), of Westfield Lane, Mansfield and Vjaceslavs Solovjovs (22), of Terrace Road, Mansfield, deny murder.

The trial continues.