Jonathan Turner murder trial: Defendant tried to blame co-accused for Forest Town dad’s death, court told

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ONE of three men accused of murdering Forest Town dad Jonathan Turner during a town centre attack gave further evidence about the incident on Friday afternoon.

Turkish national Bragdas Kilic told Stuart Rafferty QC he could not stop his co-accused Vjaceslavs Solovjovs kicking Mr Turner in the head because it happened too quickly.

Mr Turner (27) was heard to make a racist comment towards Kilic and his friends outside the Vibe, on Stockwell Gate, Mansfield, and subsequently died from head injuries after being set upon, the court was told.

Kilic (23), of Westfield Lane, Mansfield; Solovjovs (23), of Terrace Road, Mansfield, and Andrej Novakov (20), of Kipling Street, Mansfield, all deny murder.

Kilic had told Nottingham Crown Court earlier that during the fight with Mr Turner he had stepped away as he could see the Forest Town man wanted it to stop.

There was a gap of two to three seconds between him stopping the fight and Mr Turner collapsing after being kicked one final time by Solovjovs, the court was told.

Referring to CCTV footage shown to the jury, Mr Rafferty said: “You appear to strike out with your foot again towards Mr Turner and (just over one second later) Mr Solovjovs is seen at a strange angle to Mr Turner who is on the floor.

“The time lapse between your last kick and Mr Solovjovs (appearing) was a little over a second.

“Do you agree on this time lapse that it was one continuous action?”

“I saw him come very quickly,” replied Kilic.

Mr Rafferty told Kilic he had tried to blame Solovjovs for Mr Turner’s death ever since he and his co-accused were arrested.

Kilic said: “I just told the police what I remembered at the time. I was in great shock and frightened and scared.”

Mr Rafferty asked Kilic if he agreed that if he had stopped fighting Mr Turner the first time the Forest Town man had been knocked to the floor (while Solovjovs was being restrained by a friend) there would have been no reason for Solovjovs to get involved in the fight.

Kilic said: “After that person fell to the ground and stood up I thought he was going to attack me again.”

The trial continues.