Jonathan Turner murder trial: Defendant denies kick to head

Nottingham Crown Court
Nottingham Crown Court

A COURT heard further evidence on Thursday afternoon in the trial of three men accused of the murder of Forest Town man Jonathan Turner (27).

The jury at Nottingham Crown Court was told how Bragdas Kilic (22), of Westfield Lane, Mansfield, Vjaceslavs Solovjovs (23), of Terrace Road, Mansfield, and Andrej Novakov (20), had been drinking and dancing at the Vibe nightclub, Stockwell Gate, in the early hours of 7th May 20011 shortly before the alleged attack took place.

The court heard how they were interviewed by police after being arrested following the incident in the early hours of 7th May last year.

Prosecutor Maureen Baker said Kilic denied kicking Mr Turner to the head at any time and claimed he had tried to stop a fight which had broken out between Solovjovs and Mr Turner after the Forest Town man had made a racist comment towards him.

Said Ms Baker: “(Kilic) said ‘the man and I exchanged a few blows, then we stopped. He was out of breath’.”

She told the court how Kilic admitted ‘minimising’ his involvement in the attack during another interview when shown CCTV footage by police and blamed this on shock and being upset.

His prepared statement read: “All I can say is that the comment really upset me. I had gone forward to protect (Solovjovs) and stop the fight but it is clear I went further than that.”

Ms Baker told the court how Solovjovs claimed during his police interview he was grabbed by Mr Turner and pushed to the ground after being racially abused by the Forest Town man and a group of people he was with.

The two men were accompanied on the night by Solovjov’s two sisters Inga and Julia.

Said Ms Baker: “He (Solovjov) said his sister told him not to go when he was on the floor.” She added: “He said after he fell his sister’s boyfriend (Kilic) was fighting to defend him. He said ‘I wanted to help but he (Mr Turner) was already on the floor.’”

Novokov made no comment during police interview.

The court heard how Mr Turner was transferred to King’s Mill Hospital’s intensive care unit after repeated attempts to resuscitate him failed and he died on Sunday 8th May at 8.05am.

Ms Baker read out evidence from pathologist Professor Rutty, who said Mr Turner died of a subarachnoid haemorrhage to the brain.

The pathologist said it was possible all three men had caused the haemorrhage or the final blow was to blame.

Kilic, Solovjovs and Novakov all deny murder.

The case continues.