Jilted Selston lover Christopher Stone spat in ex-partner’s mouth

A JILTED Selston man forced his way into his ex-partner’s home and spat in her mouth, a court was told on Monday.

The victim told police she was sobbing and ‘felt dirty’ following the incident at her home in South Normanton.

Chesterfield magistrates was told that she split up with Christopher Stone for three months and then they got back together, but he was “controlling” and the reconciliation went badly.

She told him the relationship was over again on 19th October and he sent her texts saying he was drinking cider and hated the thought of her being with any other man.

Helen Griffiths, prosecuting, said the victim invited two male friends to her home and soon received a message from Stone (21) stating that he would call around to see who she was with.

“Fifteen minutes later there was a noise outside. She heard shattering glass and her patio door opened. She phoned her parents for help.

“He came up to her and grabbed a phone from her hand. He pushed her down, she got up again and he gathered phlegm in his mouth.

“She begged him not to spit at her. He squeezed her face, causing her mouth to open and then spat into her mouth,” said Mrs Griffiths.

Stone, of Nottingham Road, Selston, admitted charges of damage and assault but his solicitor, Denney Lau, said the prosecution version of events was disputed.

The hearing was adjourned until 3rd January for a mini-trial to decide what happened during the incident.