Jail warning to Bolsover mum over unpaid TV licence

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A BOLSOVER mum of three fined for television licence offences has been told to pay up or go to prison.

Lavinia Louise White was caught evading licence fees three times between 2008 and last year.

Magistrates at Chesterfield heard that she had been fined a total of £940 but the money was unpaid.

They said that White (39), of Springfield Crescent, Bolsover, had “buried her head in the sand” and they found culpable neglect regarding non-payment.

They imposed a seven day jail sentence but suspended it for a year. She must now pay back a reduced total of £200 at £5 per week or go to jail.

Her solicitor, Denney Lau, said she turned to drink after suffering domestic violence, adding: “As a result she hasn’t paid the fines and it’s hard for her now to come up with a lump sum of £940.

“She is living with her father who is providing the essentials.”

White told the court she separated from her partner - the father of her youngest child - in January, saying he “kept control of the money” during their relationship.

She had not contacted the court about non-payment because of the breakdown of the relationship and said she had been prescribed anti-depressants.

White added: “I want to pay it off and get sorted out.”