Jail for Mansfield man who ‘caused mayhem’ near town centre

A man who caused three days of “mayhem” in Mansfield has been locked up for 14 months.

Jeremy Coyle, 33, appeared at Nottingham Crown Court where a judge was told that he first caused trouble on March 21.

At 5.50pm, a youth ran into a petrol station on Rosemary Street, Mansfield - claiming he was being chased ten men carrying knives.

Soon after, unarmed Coyle arrived and “pursued him around the store before running out”, said Lauren Butts, prosecuting.

He caused minor damage at his partner’s home a day later.

On March 22, he threw stones at her bedroom window when she refused to open the door at 1.30am. Coyle broke down the front door and went into her bedroom.

Nottingham Crown Court

Nottingham Crown Court

Miss Butts said: “He assaulted her by striking her across the face with a flat palm a few times. He said ‘if I can’t have you, no-one can.’

“He then barricaded himself upstairs with a door he tore from its hinges. He said that he broke into the house and assaulted his missus.”

Coyle was banned from contacting the woman for four years. He admitted threatening behaviour; criminal damage; affray; violence to secure entry. The offences took place between March 21 and 23.

He had been in court 55 times before and already had 129 crimes against his name.

Judge John Burgess told Coyle: “You are a man with one of the worst records I have seen.

“Although I am not sentencing you because of your previous convictions, they are an obviously aggravating feature.”

The judge added that Coyle had caused “mayhem”.

Chris Brewin, mitigating, said that Coyle is on a prescription for health problems and told the court: “He lost his script and took a cocktail of drugs he got on the street.

“That is what caused this rampage.”

In the last few days, Coyle’s son had been killed in a car crash with the funeral taking place on Thursday.

Mr Brewen said this had a profound effect on Coyle, of Ladybrook Lane, Mansfield, and had prompted him to review his life.

He added: “When something like that happens, it really hit him hard.”