Jacksdale man jailed for 10 months for harassment

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A man has been jailed for 10 months for harassing his ex-wife.

Ricky Byrne (48), of Yorke Avenue, Jacksdale, was sending Pamela Byrne up to 10 messages a day, Nottingham Crown Court was told.

A judge told him: “Although there was no direct physical contact it was highly distressing for her.”

Byrne was in breach of a restraining order.

In April he was before the magistrates for earlier harassment and breach of a suspended prison sentence and was sentenced to 210 days custody, said Paul Stimson, prosecuting.

“On the very day of his release on 1st June he breached his restraining order,” said Mr Stimson.

Byrne began to telephone his former wife of four and a half years and send her text messages and voicemails.

It was alleged he tapped on the roof of a car as she drove past with their daughter. He denied it.

Later that month he accused her of being wicked and destroying his life. When interviewed by the police he said he acted in desperation and meant his ex-wife no harm.

The court was told he had a history of violence and had harassed a previous partner.