Huthwaite man assaulted ex after blazing row

A HUTHWAITE man assaulted his ex-partner when he hurled crockery in a fit of rage.

Jamie Randall lost his cool during a row with former girlfriend Sherrie Heenan on 13th August and fragments from broken plates cut her legs.

Ms Heenan told police her three-year relationship with Randall ended six weeks before the incident and he was visiting her Somercotes home on the day of the offence.

Bill Taylor, prosecuting at Nottingham Crown Court, said she suffered from sciatica and wanted him to help her with shopping, but he returned to her Ward Drive address late, at 8pm.

A row blew up, he threw a stool at her and it hit a bedroom door. He then knocked ladders over in the hallway and shouted abuse at her and she told him to leave.

Mr Taylor said Randall pushed her in the chest with both hands, causing her to stumble backwards. She pushed him and he tripped and fell.

Ms Heenan then held Randall in a headlock and punched his head and he picked up some plates and bowls and smashed them on the floor.

“They shattered and cut her legs. Her dog bit him as he left. She said she was scared of him and wanted him to leave her alone,” added Mr Taylor.

Randall (20) of Clegg Hill Drive admitted charges of assault and damaging property.

The bench adjourned sentence until 14th September for probation service reports. He was granted bail on condition he did not contact her.

“He had promised to go shopping with her, but he was late and they argued. She struck him and he lost his temper and smashed some crockery.

He is very sorry for this incident. The cuts were caused accidentally when he smashed the plates,” said Matt Evans, for Randall.