Hospital worker stranded after heartless thieves steal and destroy moped in Mansfield

Heartless thieves left a devastated NHS hospital worker stranded by stealing his brand new moped while he cared for his mother in Mansfield.

Tuesday, 9th March 2021, 3:44 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th March 2021, 3:48 pm

Dominic Fitzpatrick, of Huthwaite, was visiting his mum Therese Lecoutier at her Ladybrook Lane home after finishing a shift at King’s Mill Hospital when the thieves struck at around 8.45pm on Monday.

They made off with the 29-year-old’s new Peugeot Tweet 125 moped – valued at £2,500 – leaving Dominic distraught.

Dominic said: “I had finished work and gone on to see my mum, who is 60, and has health issues.

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The stolen moped which was taken from Ladybrook Lane in Mansfield on Monday night.

"I have to regularly check on her. I came out of her home at 9pm and my moped was gone.

"I couldn’t believe it. I thought is it me? I’m a bit forgetful and I was thinking did I park it there? I was just in shock.

“I rang my husband Andrew, at work in Nottingham, he had to come and get me. I was stranded. He thought I was joking at first.

"When he came we drove round and round the area to see if we could see it.

Mum Therese Lecoutier and Dominic Fitzpatrick, whose moped was stolen on Ladybrook Lane on Monday evening.

“I’d only had the moped since August and it was on 70 plates. It’s on hire purchase so I will be still paying for it until any insurance comes.”

Since the theft, bits of the moped have been spotted on a field near Armstrong Road in Mansfield.

Dominic, who has worked as a dementia care assistant for the past eight months, said: “It was all down to the power of social media someone spotted bits of the moped scattered about. I know it was mine because there was a personal sticker on one of the bits.

“The housing for my sat nav was there and bits and bobs. But later on, a lot of the bits just disappeared. They left the wing mirror.

“You could tell on the mud, someone had been joyriding, doing donuts. It’s likely kids but I rang the police and hope someone might know something.

“It has left me in difficulty to get to work and to care for my mum. I feel so angry about it. I have worked hard during the pandemic. I need my moped.”

A police spokesman has confirmed that the force is investigating the theft.