Hero Farnsfield man praised for saving woman's life

John Mawby, centre.
John Mawby, centre.

A Farnsfield man has been commended by Nottinghamshire Police after saving a distressed woman's life.

John Mawby, 42, from Farnsfield was awarded with a commendation at the force's awards evening at Mansfield Town Football Club.

The incident happened on September 12, 2018 when Mr Mawby was returning to his car, parked at a car park on Maid Marion Way in Nottingham, when he noticed a woman sitting on the edge of a narrow brick wall.

One of her legs was dangling dangerously over the side and she could have easily fallen tragically at any point. At one stage, both her legs were hanging over the side, but negotiations coaxed to sit on the right side of the wall.

Mr Mawby bravely approached her from a safe distance and started to engage and talk to her calmly. He slowly learnt her name and established her trust by talking about mundane issues.

Officers then arrived on the scene and it was apparent that he has built a great rapport with her. He was joined by an officer and you both encouraged her to return to safety.

Chief Superintendent Rob Griffin said: "The whole incident took 90-minutes and despite the woman continually telling him she didn't want him there, he stayed and remained courteous and polite.

"Mr Mawby is commended for his courage and public spirited actions in saving Rebecca’s life."

Mr Mawby said: "I’d just finished a work meeting in the city and came back to my car and saw the girl. She was looking over at me and glancing away, so I knew that something wasn’t right. I was concerned and I knew I had to go over there and try to help her.

“She was scared and had one leg over the barrier. I managed to talk to her, just random things, I saw she had some nice trainers on, so just talking to her about sport design and trying to keep that conversation going to build up a relationship.

“It was obviously a long time in that position, but I kept calm and my instinct kicked in really. Thankfully it was all resolved safely.

“I’m very proud, as are my friends and family.

“I’d like to think if anyone was in that position, people would stop and help. It happened to me there in that car park at that time and I’m glad I helped her."