Here's what crimes have been happening where you live in Mansfield

Here are the crimes reported in Mansfield from noon on June 4, until noon on June 11.

Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 4:30 pm
Here are the crimes reported in Mansfield

Berry HillTheft other:On Wednesday June 5, items in a skip were taken from Harvey Road.A lantern light was ripped from the ground and stolen from outside a property on Berry Hill Lane, at around 11.30 hours on June 8.Diesel was taken from Old Newark Road, a building site compound to the value of £160. This was reported to the police on Monday June 10. BroomhillBurglary dwelling;A property on Saundby Avenue was entered via a kitchen window and £9 cash and keys taken from within. This happened on May 21, and was reported to the police on June 6.

Theft from motor vehicle:There was a report of an attempted theft from motor vehicle, on Drayton Avenue overnight on Wednesday June 5. Nothing was taken.

Police received a report that two males were trying car door handles on Woodbrough Road at 5am on Thursday the June 6. Police detained the males at the scene.CumberlandsTheft from motor vehicle:

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Here are the crimes reported in Mansfield

Two vehicles were targeted from two addresses on Cumberlands Drive. A Transit pick up had a concrete saw and a still saw stolen, and the second vehicle, a van, also had a concrete saw stolen. The saws were of high value. This happened overnight of Wednesday June 5. A white Astra car was broken into on Brown Street reported to the police on Tuesday June 1.


Theft from motor vehicle:Motorbike stolen from Jersey Gardens between 8pm on June 4, and 1pm on June 5.Van broken into on Mill Street and a wallet containing bank cards was stolen from inside. This happened between 10.30pm on June 8 and 10.30am on June 9. Forest Town EastTheft other:A bathroom suite was being stored in garage at an address on Keyworth Drive and was stolen between May 23 and June 8.Forest Town WestTheft other:Carrerra pushbike in silver and black was stolen from Fulmar Close overnight reported to the police on June 8.

Grange FarmTheft other:Fishing tackle worth £200 was taken from Kings Lodge Drive on June 8.

Ladybrook:Theft from motor vehicle:BMW car was broken into whilst parked on Cape Street. Entry was gained through back passenger window which was broken. This happened between 5pm on June 5, and 6am on June 6.

Theft of motor vehicle:Arizona motorbike in burgundy was stolen from the garden, on Brick Kiln Lane. This happened between 11.30pm on June 6, and 5am hours on June 7. Bike was chained to the wall.

Theft other:Police received a report of a bag being stolen from a public house on Botany Avenue at approximately 1.30pm on Friday June 7. A bag was taken from within another bag containing a wallet with £80 cash and debit cards.

Leeming:Burglary dwelling:Break in at a property on Peafield Lane. Neighbour spotted two males taking panels from the integrated garage door. This occurred at approximately 2.20pm on June 8.Lindhurst:

Burglary dwelling:Glass was taken from a window to enable entry to a property on Shireoaks Court. This happened between the hours of 10.30pm on June 10, and 7am on June 11.Burglary other than dwelling:Power tools stolen from a garage on Waterson Close between the hours of 3.30pm on June 6, and 7.30am on June 8. Theft from motor vehicle: A vehicle was broken into and items stolen from within whilst it was parked on a driveway on Southwell Road West. This was reported to police on June 6. Front number plate and front grill was stolen from a vehicle, unsure of time. Believed it happened in the Bradmore Court area.

Theft other:Items stolen from a building site on Anglia Way Industrial Estate reported to police on June 5.Mobile phone was lost on a bus on June 8. Victim received an email to state that it was at a nearby location to the Clayworth Court address. This was reported to police on June 10.

OaktreeBurglary other than dwelling:Summer house broken into in the garden of a property on Greenacre. Incident happened between 3am on June 2, and 5pm on June 9. Pleasley HillBurglary other than dwelling:Break in at a commercial property on Chesterfield Road North,at 2.31am on June 8. Males were seen kicking the doors to an empty commercial property on Chesterfield Road North, at 4am on June 11.

Theft from motor vehicle:Audi A3 was broken into whilst parked on Ruskin Road. This occurred between 8pm on June 4, and 9am on June 5.

PortlandBurglary dwelling:A property on Victoria Street has been entered, and a purse, bank cards and provisional driving licence taken. This happened between the hours of 8.40am and 9am on June 11. No damage caused to the property whilst entry was gained.

Burglary other than dwelling:

A commercial unit on Kings Mill Industrial Estate, Kings Mill Way reported to the police that on Tuesday the 4th June a van was used to break in. This occurred at approximately 8.15pm.A male was reported to be on the roof of a commercial building on Commercial Gate, at 7.19pm on June 9. Break at commercial building on Commercial Gate, between 3pm on June 7, and 7am on June 10. Printers and tools were stolen from this location.

Theft From Motor Vehicle: Both wing mirrors stolen from a car parked on Littleworth. This happened at 11.53pm on June 3. It was reported to police on June 4.

Theft other:Mountain bike stolen from Sutton Road whilst the caller was at work. It was last seen at 3pm on June 7, and was not at the location at 7.15am on June 8.

PrioryBurglary other than dwelling:Damage was caused to the bowling green on Priory Road. This was reported to the police on June 6.

Theft otherItems on the garden of a property were removed by two males that did not have permission on June 4. A washing machine and a toaster were taken.A mobile phone was left on a bus and it was not handed into the bus company staff. This happened on June 4 at approximately 3pm.

RavensdaleTheft other:Theft of a handbag was reported to have happened on June 9 at approximately 8.25am, from a commercial property on Windmill Lane.

Robin HoodBurglary other than dwelling:Garage broken into on Baker Road on June 10. This happened between 1am and 5am. Bolts cut off but nothing taken at this time.

Theft other:Push bike was stolen between 3.30pm and 5.45pm on June 4. The bike was left insecure outside a community building.

Town centreBurglary other than dwellingWarehouse broken into on Stockwell gate on June 9 at 10am.Theft of motor vehicle:Black Mercedes was stolen from Church Street, between 7.45pm and 9.50pm on June 6. No glass left at the scene.Renault Cleo in sky blue was stolen overnight on June 6. The car had been parked on Albert Street. Keys to the car were also lost during the owner’s night out in Mansfield Town Centre.Warsop / Birklands:Theft of motor vehicle:Vehicle stolen from Netherfield Lane, and was reported to police on June 9.

Theft other:Caravan stolen from a driveway on Mansfield Road, between the hours of 7.15am and 3.20pm on June 4.Washing machine and tumble dryer were stolen by two males claiming to have come from a company for repair. The company were contacted but the males were not their staff. The incident occurred on June 5 on Egmanton Road, Meden Vale.Handmade garden ornaments were stolen from Burns Lane between 10.00am hours 12.00 noon on June 8. If you have any information about any of these incidents, please contact the Nottinghamshire Police Safer neighbourhood team on [email protected], or call 101.