Here are the crimes reported to police in Mansfield last week

Here are the crimes reported to police in Mansfield, from noon on November 26 until noon on December 3.

Thursday, 5th December 2019, 7:29 pm

PortlandThe front and rear number plates were taken from vehicle parked on Hermitage Lane industrial estate. The incident was reported on November 27.

Between the November 29-30, a property on Victoria Street was broken into, and entry gained by smashing a window. Town centreEntry was gained to a property on Union Street between 10am and 10pm on November 29. Entry was gained by kicking the back door panel in. An Xbox, games, two tablets and a phone were taken.

Between 3pm and 12.05am on December 1, entry was gained into a property on Leeming Street. There was no sign of forced entry.

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At around 10.50am on December 3, a pushbike was taken from outside property on Walkden Street.

A purse was taken from Mansfield Market on November 29 at around 1pm. The incident was reported to police on December 3. Berry HillEntry was gained to a property on Kings Stand between November 10 to November 27, while the occupants were on holiday. An ‘untidy’ search was made.OaktreeA key safe was stolen from back wall of property on Shirland Drive, on November 29. Entry to a property on Melbourne Court was attempted on December 1, leaving the door and frame damaged.

Work tools and copper pipes were taken after a van was broken into. Police did not say where the incident occurred. It happened between 8.45pm on December 1, and 7.30am on December 2. EakringA male attempted to gain entry into a property on Carter Lane, but was disturbed and made off on a pushbike. The incident was reported on November 29. RavensdaleA property was broken into on Bilborough Road. Entry was gained by breaking window. The incident was reported on November 30. RobinhoodA mobility scooter was taken from outside property on Manor Road between 10pm on November 26, and 10am on November 27. An untidy search was made inside the property.CumberlandsEntry was gained to property on Jenkins Avenue through a rear conservatory window which has been smashed. The incident happened between 9.30am and 12pm on November 27. A pushbike was stolen from outside premises on Ladybrook Lane on November 29. The offender is described as a white male around 25 years, 5’05 tall, slim and wearing a black hoody and black trousers. Around 1.30am on December 2, attempt entry was made to a property on Redgate Close. SherwoodBetween 9pm on November 27, and 7.30am on November 28, a van was broken into on Beech Hill Crescent. A cordless power tool was taken.

Between 10pm on November 26 and 7am on November 27, entry was gained to a property on Jenison Street whilst the occupant was asleep.

The front and back number plates were taken from a vehicle parked on Chesterfield Road South on November 30. Warsop/ BurklandsBetween 11pm on November 29 and 11am on November 30, a vehicle was broken into whilst parked outside The Wickets. Miscellaneous items were taken from within, but no damage was caused to the vehicle. BroomhillThe front and back number plates were taken from a vehicle parked on Chester Street,between 6pm on November 30 and 5.45am on December 1. An unlocked pushbike was taken from premises on High Street at around 1pm on December 1. LadybrookAn Ipad was stolen from a property on Stanton Place via an unlocked door. The incident happened between 11pm on November 23, and 3am on November 24. Between 10.30pm on December 1 and 7.30am on December 2, entry was gained to a property on Ward Place via the top of a kitchen window.If you have any information relating to the above criminal activity, please contact the Nottinghamshire Police Safer neighbourhood team on [email protected]