Help name drink drivers to save lives this Christmas

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A charity is urging people to come forward and name regular drink drivers.

Crimestoppers has launched a national campaign to encourage the public to speak up.

Roger Critchell, director of operations for Crimestoppers said: “Too many people lost their lives last year due to drink drive incidents. But, there are still people out there who regularly drink drive and refuse to change their behaviour.

“We want to make the roads a safer place for everyone and we would urge you to give information to Crimestoppers anonymously about anyone who is regularly drink driving.”

In the past year the independent crime-fighting charity received just under 6,000 calls about drink drivers across the UK.

As a result 1,226 positive actions were taken by police and 244 individuals were arrested and charged.

It is the second most reported crime type to Crimestoppers nationally behind drugs offences.

Many people may see their friends, family, work colleagues or neighbours regularly drink driving but do not want to go to the police because they fear being identified.

Crimestoppers is anonymous and calls cannot be traced.

If anyone has any information contact 0800 555 111, or visit

Call 999 if anyone sees a person attempting to drive while drunk.